Beautifully installed carpet in a Rockwall, TX home

How should you prepare for carpet installation?

If you?ve already decided on the perfect carpet for your home, the final step in your flooring experience is a professional installation. This not only assures that your warranty will not be voided, but it also finishes your flooring with expert craftsmanship you?ll enjoy for years to come. But how do you prepare for the process?

Some things are standard with every flooring project. But there will also be things you?ll need or want to do that will be specific to your home and lifestyle. We?ll make sure you are aware of every step along the way.

Here?s what you should know about carpet installation

Once you pick the perfect flooring for your home, our first step towards an excellent installation is to take precise measurements o the space that is to be floored. This allows us to get the perfect fit for wall-to-wall areas with no shortages or overages. It?s also the best way to handle areas that have special features such as fireplace hearth, stairways, or columns.

Furniture must be moved, of course, but you must also remember to remove smaller items as well. Floor lamps, hanging art or photos, or knick-knacks on hearths and mantles should all be transferred to a room away from the work area. This allows your installation team to work faster, so you?ll be walking on your new floors sooner.

Depending on the layout of your space, trim and molding may need to be removed to prepare the subfloor. The thickness of your flooring may also necessitate the removal of doors. Once the prepping is finished, the padding and floor covering can then be installed.

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