Wood look tile installation in a Rockwall, TX home

How to install wood-look tile on concrete

An excellent tile installation leaves a mark in beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail. It?s a service that can help your flooring reach its maximum lifespan and perform well for the entirety of that time frame.

If you?re looking for information on how wood look tile is installed on concrete, you?ve come to the right place. Read along as we give you more information about the process.

Floor tiles over concrete

Concrete is an excellent material to attach your wood look floor tiles, as it is incredibly stable and is the preferred foundation for these materials. The mortar used to make the attachment is a type of modified concrete, after all, with additions for excellent adhesion.

If you have a concrete space to which you are hoping to add tile, the concrete must be in good condition, free of cracks, moisture, and uneven areas. If this isn?t the case, speak to an associate about making the necessary repairs and possibly adding an underlayment.

The installation process is much the same as it is for installing tile over another man-made tile-type material. Your specific service will vary depending on your particular requirements, preferences, and the concrete state on which the flooring is installed.

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