Carpet rolls ready for a Dallas-Fort Worth flooring installation

Is it important to add carpet padding?

It's not uncommon for customers to ask us if carpet padding matters. Leaving it off would certainly extend the available budget for other options.

The truth is a carpet installation must include padding for a variety of reasons. Read along as we tell you what they are.

Carpet installation and padding information

Indeed, you'll never see your carpet padding once your carpet installation is done, but what you can?t see can certainly affect what you can see, especially over time. Padding is one of your carpet experience's essential pieces and one you won't want to leave out.

To start with, good padding offers all the softness and comfort you?ve come to expect from this soft surface floor covering. It makes it a perfect surface for small children, toddlers, and even elderly persons who have mobility issues.

But padding also works to extend the lifespan of your floor covering as well. It can keep your floors from rippling, bunching, or balding for a better appearance and much less wear as the years pass.

This vital part of your carpet experience also plays a significant role in noise reduction and heat retention for the total carpet experience you expect. If you'd like more information or see the floor coverings in person, drop by anytime.

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