Tile flooring in Rockwall, TX from CW Floors & Lighting

Love a stone-look floor? Consider tile flooring

Did you know you can create a fantastic stone-look floor with tile flooring? The look is realistic, impressive, and versatile for any decor style.

If you're looking for that elegant and timeless stone appearance, you'll find it here. And you can customize it to fit your needs in any room of your home.

How does tile flooring take the stone look?

There are a few ways to get the stone look through tile flooring, including painting. But manufacturers also use digital printing technology for precise looks.

This printing option mirrors the appearance of natural stone with more authentic visuals. And with a great sealant, porcelain and ceramic tile looks will remain for many years.

Why choose a stone look?

When comparing the price of tile and natural stone, you'll find tile flooring is much more affordable. This cost-effective choice gives you all the elegance you want and need.

Many homeowners choose the stone look for more formal areas. Open foyers, home offices, and dining rooms are some of the most common placements.

How do you care for stone-look tile?

Stone-look tile is as easy to maintain and care for as any other tile. You'll want to clean up messes on tile flooring as soon as they happen and avoid abrasive cleaners and tools.

If you want even more protection, use runners or area rugs. This is perfect protection in high-traffic areas, especially if you have pets or children.

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