Pergo Extreme: Flooring Extraordinaire

Pergo Extreme: Flooring Extraordinaire

Is it any wonder that Pergo, the company that invented laminate floors over 35 years ago, has come out with a rigid luxury vinyl flooring that offers the most extreme form of protection available?

Over the years, modern technology has evolved to include high definition photography to give you a realistic image of wood or tile that?s often impossible to differentiate from the real thing.

While vinyl flooring was always lauded for its function and affordability, it has evolved over the years into one of luxury that?s appropriate for installation in any room.

Pergo is an industry leader whose newest, rigid luxury vinyl, offers all the style of traditional luxury vinyl, with complete waterproofing as well as extreme durability and even a more expansive warranty.

Benefits, broken down

  • Extreme style. The Pergo product offers 60 high-end wood and stone looks created from advanced technology to offer authentic-looking textures, as well as various plank widths.

    There are some never-before-seen visuals, such as wood-burned designs, charred motifs and ?gold? bevels. Tile comes in eye-catching marble styles.

    The upscale appearance makes it appropriate for living and dining rooms, home libraries, hallways, bedrooms, as well as the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Extreme durability. Rigid vinyl is engineered to be more stable and sturdier. Each plank is constructed with a stone plastic composite (SPC) core that will never ripple or peel, no matter how much liquid you expose it to.

    Then it?s layered with a lacquered finish, resulting in a stunning floor that?s 100% dent-proof, scratch-proof, kid-proof, pet-proof and waterproof. In other words, it is completely indestructible.
  • Easy maintenance. While it?s created to repel dirt and dust, like anything else, the product does require a little bit of care to keep it looking gorgeous. Wipe with a soft cloth or dust mop and, for deeper cleaning, use a non-abrasive, manufacturer-approved cleaner.
  • Extended warranty. This is the only warranty in the industry that not only guarantees complete waterproofing: but also total protection against dents and scratches.

This is a DIY-friendly product, and if you?d like to make it a weekend project, full instructions can be seen on the Pergo site.

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