Pergo Extreme | San Antonio, TX

Pergo Extreme: Taking waterproof protection and durability to the max

At CW Floors we know that life can be messy, but Pergo Extreme is a stylish and functional flooring that can help keep it cleaned up.

Big families; guests who drop and spill food and liquids; kids who run back and forth (usually to the refrigerator); curious cats and playful dogs are just some of the things that can harm your floors in some way.

Not only do you need durability but everyone, whether they live in a storm-prone area or not, can experience leaks, floods, and humidity. Clogged drains, corroded washing machine hoses, and appliance floods cause water damage.

Sometimes even the most everyday activities like cooking or showering can add moisture to the home, resulting in peeling and flaking walls.

No other word for it but extreme

This flooring material comes from Pergo, the company that introduced us to laminate floors decades ago. It is now available by Mohawk, who acquired the manufacturer in 2013.

The flooring is rigid vinyl which means it's thicker and sturdier. This type of vinyl was once used mainly in commercial applications because of its super-strength and longevity. As the technology evolved, it became more and more decorative and used in residential installments.

Now you have a flooring that looks just as great in the bedroom or living space as it does the kitchen, bathroom or laundry area.

The Pergo product line is also extreme, with looks that include hardwood, tile and stone, all in a wide variety of colors, patterns and species and embossing. The designs are vibrant, bold and deeper than usual with raised grains, knots, and veining.

What is wet protection technology?

This flooring is made from 100% waterproof materials with a proprietary coating added to keep water away from the core and subfloor. Then, a special locking system keeps the joints clicked together very tightly so no water can seep between planks or seams.

If the flooring is to be installed in an area prone to leaks, splashes, and spills, or if you just want extra waterproof protection, go with the extreme version of the Pergo product.

For more information about this amazing product, visit the CW Floors showroom in Denton, Rockwall or San Antonio, TX. Be sure to ask about our free flooring estimate.