Plan for the best carpet installation

Plan for the best carpet installation

When you choose carpet flooring, you'll find outstanding benefits like softness, durability, and performance. It's an excellent choice for many rooms, with a lifespan of 20 years, with professional installation and regular care.

Once you choose to carpet your home, the next step is to plan a fantastic installation. Here are some tips for the best installation results.

First, choose your product

Selecting the perfect carpeting means matching your needs for visuals and performance. Once you do, we can take measurements of your home and offer an accurate estimate for products and carpet installation time.

We?ll discuss needs like removing old flooring and things you can do to prepare for the installation before our technicians arrive. If you have any questions, we'll take the time to answer them all.

Next, prepare your home

It's vital to ensure that all your valuables, such as wall hangings and standing art, are removed to a safe space and that the rooms to be floored are entirely emptied. In addition, ensure ample access to electrical outlets and set the HVAC unit to a standard setting for the duration of the installation.

As we begin the carpet installation, we'll inform you about the process, how things are going, and what you can expect. We'll do a final walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction once the installation is complete.

Consider our showroom for your carpet needs

CW Floors & Lighting offers an extensive material inventory that meets many of your needs. We'll help you browse an extensive inventory to choose the product that best matches your specific requirements and preferences.

When you?re ready to shop, visit our carpet store in Rockwall, TX, or San Antonio, at your convenience. We look forward to serving your needs and those of residents from San Antonio, Denton, Rockwall, Dallas, and Fort Worth, so stop by today to speak with an associate.