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Should I match a window treatment with carpet installation?

Should I match a window treatment with carpet installation?

While it may not be your first consideration when planning for your new carpet installation in Denton, TX, matching it with a window treatment is indeed an essential consideration. The thing is, your carpet installation sets the foundation for the style in a space. But, a window treatment in a room can either add a bold compliment or stick out like a seemingly last-minute consideration. So, indeed, it's best to think about how these two features can blend to make a space more attractive. As such, let's look at a few things to simplify your upcoming renovation.

Use similar shades for a pleasing contrast.

In the end, your window treatment and carpet installation don't necessarily have to be the same color. However, you can use similar shades for an eye-catching contrast. By adding contrast, you can highlight certain pleasing features of your d?cor. For instance, if you've chosen a dark pattern for your carpet installation in Denton, TX, you can opt for black or dark brown wood blinds. Against bright or white-colored walls, this would be a stunning contrast.

Match colors for a uniform appearance.

Use similar or the same colors and achieve a nice, uniform style. Also, you can incorporate bold design elements, like a mosaic accent wall or a very large, colorful painting to create an original, vivid effect.

Get your window treatment properly sized.

Window treatments can add a whole other dimension to a room and make a space truly look stunning ? but not if they're too big and billowy or awkwardly small. Not only for style but also practicality's sake, get your window treatment sized properly by a professional. In general, the length shouldn?t surpass the windowsill too much. And, of course, as you can imagine, if they?re too short, then they won?t provide you with enough privacy or block out the sunlight adequately.

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