Pet-friendly carpet in a Rockwall, TX home

Should you get carpet if you have pets?

Let?s start with a disclaimer. We, at CW Floors, love our pets. They have become parts of our own families, but at the same time, pets do become part of the decision when?choosing flooring. And so, the obvious question has to do with whether pets and carpet are compatible with each other.

The short answer

The short answer is to answer with your heart. If you have a pet and love this flooring, you will figure out a way to accommodate both. But let us also talk about the practical question.

When it comes to pets, typically, the real question has to do with three things: messes, shedding, and dander (though the last two often go hand in hand). So, if you are worried about sparky your pet turtle or Moby Dick, your pet goldfish, you probably do not have too many concerns in this realm. True, water can splash from Moby Dick?s bowl, and sparky might try and tear up a little bit of carpet if you let him run around the living room, but for the most part, they are pretty contained. When we get questions like this, dogs and cats are what people have in mind.

Pet-proof carpet

If your primary concern has to do with whether fluffy the dachshund will have an accident, then we offer is carpet designed with pets in mind. These fibers do not stain or absorb odors and can be cleaned up far more easily than ordinary carpeting. Further, these fibers go a long way in preventing dander and hair from being trapped in the carpet itself, making for a much cleaner environment. Run your vacuum cleaner, and you are good to go.

Of course, if Yeti, the Siamese cat, decides he wants to dig his way into your bedroom, well, not much can be done other than adding a patch. But, since we love our pets, for most of us here at CW Floors, your carpet store in San Antonio and Rockwall, TX, that?s a trade-off we are willing to make. If you are interested in a pet-proof carpet, why not stop by one of our two showrooms or give us a call. We would be happy to show you the many available options. You can even bring fluffy with you if you want. We serve the broader areas of San Antonio, Denton, Rockwall, Dallas, and Fort Worth; we would love to help you as well. We also offer the best carpet installation in Rockwall, TX, and beyond.