Beautifully painted walls and new carpet in a San Antonio, TX home

Should you paint before installing carpets?

Do the floor first.

A lot of people worry about dropping or spilling paint on a new carpet installation but protecting it is much easier than you think, and it will save you a lot of grief in the long term.

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Why you should lay carpet flooring first

?Pulling up any flooring, especially carpet, is not exactly a clean job. There's a lot of dust, debris, and floating threads, all of which can end up on your newly-painted walls. Then you'll have bumpy, not smooth, surfaces.
?Sometimes baseboards will have to move with a new carpet installation. Maybe they'll have to be lowered by as much as ?-inch. Even door bottoms might need to be shaved so they can close. That will create the need for a lot of repainting if you do it the other way around.
?The installers will come in with rolls of carpet and tools, all of which can scratch up the walls.

When it?s time to paint the walls, use three items to protect your carpet to the fullest. Don?t skip any of these; they all work together.

First, lay some painters plastic. This is a high density, yet lightweight sheeting, and then place a tarp over it. Also, place some painters tape around carpet edges. You might need thick bands. Be sure any of the edges that aren't up against the wall, are fully covered; if you can, even tuck them.

But it?s opposite when it?s furniture such as a sofa

Sofas need to be done first. They are somewhat limited in their color and pattern choices so if you select and install the floor first, you might limit your sofa choices.

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