Tile flooring in San Antonio, TX from CW Floors & Lighting

The best room for tile flooring might surprise you

Tile flooring has always been a perfect addition in bathrooms and kitchens. That's because it offers excellent waterproof protection in these damp, humid areas.

But other rooms are as suited for these floors. And you'll take advantage of all the benefits the flooring has to offer, and even more.

Tile flooring for living rooms

Porcelain and ceramic tile are both good options for flooring your living room. These floors hold up well under heavy traffic, especially if you have pets, children, or both.

They are crack, chip, scratch, and stain-resistant, even under duress. And since they're so easy to clean, they work great in this busy area.

Bedrooms are an excellent place for tile

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also a fantastic choice in bedrooms. There are no crevices for allergens to hide in, so they offer outstanding air quality.

If you prefer a little softness in this space, you can add area rugs or runners for comfort and noise reduction.

Tile works in kids' rooms

One of the best places for tile flooring is your kid's room. All the benefits these floors offer "come into play" in this space.

And another tremendous advantage is that if a tile becomes damaged, you only have to replace the damaged piece. This can save time and money, especially over the years, for an outstanding value.

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