Denton carpet installation

Three surprising benefits of a new carpet installation in your Denton, TX home

Choosing new flooring can be a tough decision, especially if it's your first floor remodeling project. Combing the area for a good dealer, sorting through the pros and cons of the various materials, and going through all of the samples of the seemingly-endless designs and styles, can really take the wind out of your sails after a while. Not to mention finding a hard-surface or carpet installation team you can trust!

If you've gotten to the point where you're trying to decide between hard-surface floors like wood or LVT and carpeting, you probably have a few questions about why carpet should be on your radar. You've got questions, we've got answers! Here are a few reasons we think you should consider a carpet installation for your next remodeling project:

Carpet is comfortable

One undeniable fact about carpet is that is it easily the most comfortable flooring material of them all, bar none. Nobody ever talks about how they can't wait to get home to lie down on their cool, hard tile floor and watch some T.V. like they do with carpet!

That's the thing about carpet- It's soft, squishy, warm, and just all around comfortable.

It's quiet

Everyone has had to put up with living with someone who stomps around the house, at one point of their life or another. It can be hard to get a moment's peace in a house with all hard-surface floors, simply because you live with other people who have to walk around.

A new carpet installation will add a whole new dimension of peace and quiet to your home, thanks to its ability to absorb sound and cushion heavy footfalls. If your kid is thinking about learning to play the drums, you might want to consider laying down some carpet in their room, just for the sake of your own sanity!

It can even save you money!

Carpet's ability to insulate doesn't end with sound! It is also an excellent thermal insulator. That means a new carpet installation could save you money in the long-run, by cutting down on heating and cooling costs.

Are you ready for a new carpet installation?

If you are, CW Floors would love to help you make that goal a reality! Contact us today to arrange for your free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. Better yet, stop into one of our showrooms in San Antonio, Denton, or Rockwall, TX, to have a look around! We'd love to discuss your design and budgetary needs, and help you find the perfect floors to accommodate both!