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Tile flooring installation: Three commonly asked questions

At CW Floors, our Rockwell, Denton & San Antonio, TX showroom experts answer hundreds of questions about tile flooring every day. It?s no surprise, really, since tile installation projects have re-surged over the past couple of years, in particular around the Rockwell, TX region. As such, we?ve decided to address the 3 most common questions pertaining to tile flooring in this article:
#1?What?s better: porcelain or ceramic?
Truthfully, porcelain and ceramic materials are very similar. The necessary materials to produce ceramic became hard to find at one point, and that?s when porcelain became more popular. In residential spaces, both ceramic and porcelain work great, even if there?s high foot traffic. Plus, they?re both durable and less likely to wear down. These two choices are available in a variety of abrasive slip-resistant, matte, and high-gloss finishes. Do keep in mind though, when we?re talking about tile flooring, that the brighter the surface, the more prone it is to get scratched.
#2?Which lasts longer between the two options?
None! They?re both equally matched in this department. With the proper preparation and tile installation, ceramic and porcelain will last a lifetime. This also takes into account the material?s rating, placement, location, as well as the assumption that it will well-cared for. Therefore, with ideal factors, both porcelain and ceramic will provide fantastic results.
#3?How do I clean my tile installation?
It?s easy to remove dust and dirt with a dry mop. If for whatever reason your tiles get dirty, then use a clean, soft cloth and wash the area with fresh water; absolutely no harsh or abrasive cleaning products. Depending upon the location, grime and dirt can accumulate quickly, so aim to clean your tiles every 2 to 3 days. You can even speed up the process and prevent build-up, by giving them a quick wipe down every day.