Beautiful carpet flooring in a modern Rockwell, TX home

Top 3 advantages of a carpet flooring installation

While the benefits of getting a wall-to-wall installation are many, we?re going to go over the top 3 of them today to give you a good idea of why more and more homeowners are choosing carpet nowadays. Transform a room instantly with stain-resistant, ultra-durable, ever-classic looking soft surfacing. When you?re in search of an installation that?s truly durable and unique, short or long pile styles will certainly deliver a warmth like no other.

Ultra warm, exceptionally soft

No matter the size, color or design, there's one unique characteristic that unifies all carpet installations: warmth. Without a doubt, soft surfacing provides an impressive, always appreciated silky, smooth texture that's perfect in any space. In areas where people often go to relax in the house, such as the bedroom or living room, this feature is very welcome. An extra much sought-out characteristic is underfoot cushioning, as it lessens the impact of physical movements. Thus, providing comfortable, padded support for all members of the household. Plus, as an extra perk, carpet keeps your home warm in cooler months, cool in warmer months, with excellent insulative properties.

Easy cleaning and upkeep

If you think you?ll be constantly cleaning your installation, then think again! Naturally manufactured with high-quality protective surface coatings, you certainly won?t be stuck vacuuming your carpet day-in and day-out. Rather, the vast majority of households normally require cleaning once a week or so, though it does depend on the amount of foot traffic in the room. What's more, because of its advanced technological craftsmanship, there's no need for special cleaning products with soft surfaces. Unquestionably, if you're worried about your installation needing added protection for any reason, then a professional stain-resistant coating can be added.?

Wide assortment of design options

Truly, the sky?s the limit when it comes to wall-to-wall designs. Manufactured in a seemingly endless assortment of styles, colors, patterns, designs, and pile types, the only problem you?ll have is choosing which carpet you?ll want for your project! But, don?t worry, our CW Floors showroom specialists will take the time to guide you towards narrowing down the perfect floors for your redesign.

Find a carpet flooring service near you

Confused about which type of flooring would be most suitable for your renovation? Not sure which carpet installation service to trust? Looking for reliable, honest surfacing advice? At CW Floors, our San Antonio, Denton, and Rockwell, TX showroom experts are here to make your upcoming redesign easy. Come on by one of our showrooms today to view our quality flooring and speak to an industry specialist.