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Top 4 misconceptions about carpet installations

There are several reasons why carpet installations have been one of the most loved surfacing options for decades. Aside from its luxurious feel and appealing, cozy appearance, soft surfacing is also popular because of its natural energy, and sound insulating properties. However, somewhere along the way, it?s also picked up a bad reputation for a few things, all of which are common misconceptions. Let?s over the top 4 misunderstandings and clear the air, shall we?

Misconception #1 ? It?s an allergy aggravator
In fact, the exact opposite is true. Instead of aggravating your allergies, it helps you breathe easier, as it entraps airborne particles, bacteria, and pollen. Furthermore, your carpet installation in Denton, TX acts as a sponge, latching onto dust, dirt, and other yucky substances until it?s time to vacuum. For individuals with asthma or allergies, it?s recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to use a HEPA air filter in your vacuum to remove these problematic particles.

Misconception #2 ? It?s too hard to keep clean
In the end, there really isn?t much of a difference between hard and soft surfacing upkeep. However, when it comes to a carpet installation, regular weekly vacuuming is the ideal. Stains can be an issue, but there are a few ways to avoid them. Basically, the faster you clean them, the less likely they?ll be to turn into a stain. Also, if you have young children, you may want to select colors that are darker, as they do hide accidents better. As well, professional cleaning is recommended seasonally to keep the fibers looking (and smelling) as good as new. As you can imagine, these suggestions are based upon foot traffic, so you?ll want to discuss the requirements with cleaning professionals.

Misconception #3 ? Wall-to-Wall is boring
Absolutely not! Nowadays, there?s such a amazing assortment of color, pattern, and design options, you?ll certainly have trouble selecting your favorite one, and not because they?re all dull! From bold colors to stylish patterns, exotic animal prints to traditional designs, your home will no doubt appear incredibly fashionable.

Misconception #4 ? It?s not eco-friendly
In this modern world, the flooring industry is keeping up with the times, producing greener, eco-friendly options. As such, materials like wool or synthetic blends are an excellent choice for homeowners who want a sustainable choice. Some manufacturers are even using recycled materials to produce ecological soft surfacing.

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