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What flooring colors are best for bedrooms?

A lot of this depends upon your overall color scheme, style, and even the type of flooring. It's not a question of "which is best?" but, instead, "which is best for the overall design pattern?" This would be an ideal time check out a color wheel, so you can see the entire shade spectrum and know which ones will complement and balance well in your home.

At our flooring store in Denton, TX, we have a staff of in-house designers who can help you find the perfect flooring for your bedroom. Meanwhile, here are some possible combinations that will soothe your sleep and energize you in the morning.

Dark colors can make a room look larger

We usually think of it the other way around, but darker colors can sometimes enlarge a room. They can also create a soothing, quiet, and intimate mood appropriate for this room. One idea: paint the walls with a soft black shade and add darker flooring, whether hardwood, a wood that looks like luxury vinyl or laminate, or carpet, such as the shag in an inkier hue as brown.

Bring the outdoors in!

The rustic look will be around for a long time. One idea is to use green, reminiscent of nature, on the walls and combine it with dark, gray, caramel wood or wood-look floors or carpet-- or a natural hued natural stone or stone tile floor like limestone or slate.

Terracotta is big right now, and a tiled bedroom floor will not only keep you cool in the steamy Southwest, but when you make that a terracotta tile, you'll create a "Wow!" factor. Add a little contrast on walls, such as blue, green, gray, or even a different shade of terracotta, and maybe even some playful "tile art." Here, it's primarily a good idea to use the color wheel.

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