Carpet installation in a Denton, TX home

What is the importance of a professional carpet installation?

One question we hear repeatedly is, "can't I just install this myself," but you'll only end up spending more in the long term. There will be repairs, too-early replacement, and possible warranty challenges. A sound installation goes a long way toward your carpet flooring looking great and performing well for years to come, so think of us for your carpet installation in Rockwall, TX.

Do I have to use professional tools?

Manufacturers specify these tools: power stretcher, seaming tape, seaming iron, straight edge, knee pads, knee-kicker, tap down metal, tackless strip, hammers, rubber mallet, screwdriver, hand saw, staple gun, masking tape, row separator, stair tool, spreader, trimmer and pad staple. Although it might seem like a lot, they're probably already in professional tool kits, and installers will pay wholesale while you pay retail. Also, manufacturers have detailed instructions in their warranties, and if not followed, all protections can be lost.

Tools also need to be used appropriately: For example, most manufacturers now insist that a carpet stretcher be used for large rugs; this is a long tool with a head with tines that grip the rug to make it fit tightly against the wall. When not appropriately stretched, the rug will appear loose and wrinkled and, although the knee kicker also stretches rugs, they can only be used in small spaces, such as closets. When the wrong tool is used, the broadloom doesn't lie properly.

Seaming might be the most common installation challenge

Most don't have the time or expertiseto do this properly, and joints can overlap or gap. The installer also needs to figure out how to minimize seams' appearance, which means taking the time and having the expertise to explore lighting and carpet type. Installers will also check door clearances; remove, repair, replace the padding correctly; and stretch the rug properly.

Our mission is to exceed your expectations, and CW Floors is known for high quality, craftsman-like work. To learn more about the importance of a quality carpet installation, visit our showroom in San Antonio & Rockwall, TX. We service the areas in and around San Antonio, Denton, Rockwall, Dallas, and Fort Worth; be sure to get your free in-home measurement for your carpet installation project.