tile flooring installation

Why you may want to install tile flooring in your living room

Are you in search of something out-of-the-ordinary for your Rockwall, TX living room redesign? If so, why not consider a tile installation? While ceramic tile flooring is essentially the go-to for kitchens and bathrooms, you may be put-off by the idea of installing it in any other room. However, as they are extremely flexible design-wise, easy to maintain, and ultra durable, ceramic does make for a wonderful addition to a family space. Too in love with the hardwood look to even think about another option? Well, with its chameleon-like capabilities, you?ll have no problem finding that exact design in a tile flooring version.
Have we peaked your interest yet? Then, keep reading to learn more about the advantages of a tile installation in your living room.
Advantages and considerations
Shapes and sizes ? Available in a huge selection of shapes and sizes, tile is also available in long slats, mimicking solid hardwood, or large rectangular pieces that resemble natural stone. In general, opt for smaller tiles in small spaces and bigger tiles in larger rooms.
Colors and prints ? Without exception, this type of installation comes in an unbelievable amount of colors and prints. From snowy white to glass to animal prints, you may be overwhelmed at the sheer selection!
Patterns ? Aside from a wide array of colors choices, you?ll also be able to work with patterns if you?d like to add more richness and depth to your flooring.
Accent tiles ? To add more visual interest, you can also use accent tiles that act as adornment pieces. Get a series of patterns that run across your living room floor or even an entire image recreated.
Mosaics ? Countless generations ago, mosaic designs were created. Using various sizes of tiles, though usually they tend to be very small ones, you can turn your room into a vivid, unique masterpiece.
Where can I find a tile flooring showroom?
Our CW Floors professionals can help you figure out which installation to choose for your upcoming renovation. Simply stop by one of our three showrooms, located in San Antonio, Denton, and Rockwall, TX, to view our vast selection of quality surfacing materials.